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Christian Musenga is a Congolese lawyer that currently resides in Kenya. He has been working in the field of refugee assistance since 2012. He says that “As per my background (law) and the fact of being myself a refugee, I saw the gap and need of offering my knowledge and experience to improve on my fellow refugee assistance. I always see the challenges faced by refugee worldly and in Kenya, there is need to contribute to the improvement of refugee protection by reducing police harassment, access to justice, access to livelihood opportunities and more.”

Christian focuses on legal awareness for Refugee issues through training/forum (building capacity for every institution coming accross refugee cases including empowering refugee community members on their own issues especially on legal side by providing basic legal knowledge of Refugee Law enabling them to have basic understanding of their issues and contribution for their best protection). He also writes articles on refugee legal issues of which some have also been published by the University of Oxford.


Finally, he supports and guides refugees to form or develop their existing groups for improved assistance based on the self-reliance.

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