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IWB for Refugees: France


Capital: Paris
Location: Western Europe
Founder of the European Union
Currency: Euro
Population: 65,633,200
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:


IWB researchers

Gaëlle Anne Fouéré

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"I asked to join the project IWB for refugees for two reasons. Firstly, I work in this field, I love my job and I’m really committed and interested in migration-related topics. Secondly, the way migration is managed in Europe is a currently a big problem, and as a citizen I want to take part of actions which may improve the situation."

Gaëlle Anne Fouéré.jpg

"I am taking part in the project IWB for refugees, because the issue needs to be reconsidered: with a growing number of conflicts at the gates of Europe, refugees are even more numerous and do not receive the treatment they are entitled to."



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