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Jelle Wassenaar has years of experience working with refugees in Lebanon, Greece and now in his home country of the Netherlands. He currently works as a volunteer coordinator with War Child for a project called TeamUp which it is a psychosocial intervention to help children between 6 and 18 regulate their emotions, learn to make friends again and get some stability and normality in their lives through structured sports, game and movement based activities in asylum centres around the country.

Jelle is a firm believer in a world without artificial borders sprung out of nationalism, which has created an unfair system of migration privileges in the form of documentation. He believes this has led to people being discriminated along religious and ethnic lines, even to the point of becoming stateless and effectively being left out, feeling like they don’t have an identity. Jelle wants to fight for the human right to be free to build a life wherever one sees fit, especially for the most vulnerable such children and people in general who are forced to flee from poverty and war-stricken places.

Jelle is a volunteer researcher documenting the situation in the Netherlands to contribute to IWB’s cause in convincing the EU to change their approach to a more humane one.

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