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Born in Sicily (Italy), Manuela Ledda holds a M.A. in law and is a certified lawyer, licensed to practice by the Italian Bar Association. She submitted a graduate thesis on the EULEX Mission in Kosovo, focusing on the most critical aspects of state-building and peace-enforcement missions, besides transitional justice and post-conflict management. This survey made her quite familiar with the European external action and its enlargement policy. She kept on studying Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law during a one-year extracurricular specialization course, presenting a final paper with the title “Changing regime and state-building within UN-authorized missions”.


Recently, Manuela attended a summer school on international criminal justice and transnational crime held in Siracusa (Italy) by the International Institute of High Studies in Criminal Science, in consultative status with the UN and the Council of Europe. During the last year, she focused her professional activity on immigration law and asylum policy, also attending a vocational training course for unaccompanied migrant children’s guardians.


Volunteering for an international NGO, which operates in the field of Human Rights, Manuela has been involved in fund raising activities, educational events and public relations. She is mostly interested in Human Rights Law and international co-operation. Happy to join Issue Without Borders, Manuela is contributing to the project “IWB for Refugees” with the Italian team, editing a section on media’s depiction of asylum seekers.

Manuela has full professional proficiency in English and Spanish.

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