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Nuzhat Aman is from Pakistan. She was born in Karachi and started her career as a news anchor, current affairs program host and as copy editor. She also worked as a research assistant with well-known professors on different projects and as coordinator conducted seminars on departmental level. 

Nuzhat has a B.A with honors and a Master's in International Relations from the University of Karachi. Her academic thesis was on "SAARC AND ASEAN, A comparative study", besides that she has written several academic research papers.

Nuzhat is working for peace building as a "Peace Coordinator " for  International Cities Of Peace(ICP). She also works as "News Director " of World Institute for Peace  (WIP). Additionally, she is an official member of World Nations Writers Union (WNWU). She writes articles for her blog

Nuzhat's interests are international relations and affairs, policies and refugees crises. Her languages include English and Urdu. Her hobbies are painting, photography, making, editing and producing videos.

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