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A Nigerian by birth and an erudite global denizen at heart, Samson Faboye has a wanton penchant for sustainable development, cross-cultural interaction and international harmony. He studied Architecture at The Federal University of Technology Akure where he obtained a BTECH (Bachelor’s) & MTECH (Masters) degree both in Architecture. However, his intellectual bounds are not limited to the field of Architecture, as he has strong penchant for Classical& Church Music, and International History/politics/diplomacy. As such, he has a strong media affinity especially online and on the radio & TV where he seeks to share his interests.


Samson blogs on international affairs/diplomacy intrigues via and anchors/ produce several classical/church music programmes on local radio (Hymns of praise on Atlantic 104.5fm, Hymnspiration on Adaba 88.9fm, Songs of Praise of FUTA 93.1FM).


Samson is fluent in English and his native Yoruba and knows a little French; and loves Latin. He loves brain teasers and debates and he participated in the Zain Africa Challenge inter University battle of brains in 2009. He loves participating in Model United Nations Simulations, among which he participated as a Turkish delegate at the Ghana Model United Nations 2014.


You will find in Samson Faboye, an erudite, charming and fortuitous personality especially if you flow along his likes: Sustainable development, international history/politics/diplomacy and classical music.

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