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IWB for Refugees: Sweden


Capital: Stockholm
Location: Northern Europe
EU-member since 1995
Currency: SEK (Swedish crown)
Population: 9,555,900
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:


IWB researchers

Erika Lundqvist

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"I joined this IWB project because I find the current refugee crisis and the issue as a whole incredibly interesting and important. I also felt that the way refugees are treated in many places is scary and inhumane, and that we need to work against this in any possible way."



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"I have always taken a keen interest in human rights, and have found myself defending the rights of refugees regularly in my everyday life. I believe that the concept of refugees has landed on the wrong side of the ever-influencing media, and so I have joined IWB to bring attention to the side less heard."

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