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IWB for Refugees: Bulgaria



Capital: Sofia
Location: Eastern Europe
EU-member since 2007
Currency: BGN (Lev)
Population: 7,284,600
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:

IWB researchers

Emiliya Strahilova

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"I learned about the opportunity to assist the work of the IWB in documenting the treatment of refugees in all the EU member states, and respectively in Bulgaria, from a human rights-related page on Facebook. Then I checked out the IWB website and found out that the IWB project for refugees is strongly connected to my area of interest given that it concerns one of the most pressing issues in both contemporary international relations and international law. It is an issue that requires urgent action bearing in mind the current situation with refugees coming from Africa and the Middle East to Europe."



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Emiliya Strahilova.jpg

"One day, while browsing a page about NGOs on Facebook, I saw that IWB was looking for researchers from Bulgaria for their refugee project. I knew the subject was very important and that it should not be ignored, so I asked if I could join. I am happy to help with this IWB initiative because I believe we all carry responsibility for the deep inequalities existing in the world."

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