IWB for Refugees: Germany

What are the hours of a typical camp day?

Our hours differ depending on which option you choose: Full Day: 9:00AM - 3:30PM Half Day: 9:00AM -12:30PM

How old must my camper be to participate in camp?

We ask that all campers be 3-13 years old. We require that all campers be potty trained and able to use the restroom independently.

What should my camper bring and wear with them to camp?

For the optimal experience, we suggest wearing comfortable clothing that is easy to move around in, and a change of clothes, just in case. Please label all of your child’s belongings, including any bags they may bring in. Daily camp needs:

  • Please apply sunscreen prior to arriving for camp each day
  • Refillable water bottle (pre-filled)
  • Nut-free, packed sack lunch (even if registered for half day!)
On days with water themes, please send your camper with:
  • Flip flops or slides
  • A change of clothes (including unmentionables!)
  • A clean towel
  • Swimsuit

‍Who do I notify in case of emergency?

Please call or text us at 317-888-4805, where you will be connected to our Wright’s Central Office team. They will be able to assist you from there.

Is aftercare available?

Yes, we offer aftercare in select* locations from 3:30-5:30pm. The cost is $10 per child, per day. Should you need last minute aftercare, your card on file will be charged. *Please consult with your preferred location staff or our Central Office team at 317-888-4805 to determine which locations are offering aftercare.

Are snacks offered during camp?

We will have snack time once in the morning and once in the afternoon. If you worry that your child may have specific snack needs or tastes, please send them with their own snack and be sure our staff is aware ahead of time that they have their own snack. Snacks will always be nut-free.

How do I notify you that my camper has special dietary or health needs?

There is a question that asks for any special accommodations on the camp registration form -please indicate that information there, and be as specific as possible. For the safety of your child, please let us know of any allergies. Our camp staff will securely store any needed medication, such as EpiPens, rescue inhalers, etc.

How do you determine the group my camper is placed in?

We place all of the campers in groups based on their age. Our groups are based on a safe coach-to-camper ratio. At this time our camper-to-coach ratio is smaller to accommodate social distancing. Our goal is to offer the best experience possible for each individual camper. If you have children who are siblings and you prefer they are placed in the same group, please notify camp staff upon registration, and they will do their best to accommodate.

When does my registration need to be completed?

In order to staff enough coaches for a given day, registration is recommended a week in advance. Camp fees are due at the time of registration. If you need to miss camp due to illness, please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to make special accommodations. If you have any additional questions that were not answered on this FAQ, please feel free to call or text us directly at 317-888-4805.

For more information on the regulations and precautions we have taken regarding Covid-19 safety, please click here .

What kind of activities could my camper participate in on a daily basis?

Various gymnastics circuits, NinjaZone, crafts, group activities, water games, and more. Your child does not have to be an experienced ninja or gymnast to participate. HERE IS A LINK TO A TENTATIVE DAILY SCHEDULE


Capital: Berlin
Location: Central Europe
Founder of the European Union
Currency: Euro
Population: 80,523,700
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:


IWB researchers

Hanna Lena Krüeger

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"I decided to be part of IWB and to get involved because I believe that this project is a way to help people in need. Furthermore, it allows us to paint a picture based on the facts and not on hearsay."

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"I joined this project because I am passionate about Human Rights and what the organization is doing in terms of fighting for a profoundly valid cause. Is anyone giving a patient hearing to the plight of those displaced and ravaged by civilian issues back at their home?
IWB gives a chance for those passionate about Human Rights to align their energies with those who are well-informed and concerned about others' welfare, working from a professional space of involvement in law and humanitarian efforts. So I consider it a privilege to be able to participate in a cause meant for the betterment of society.
Life's also about playing a hand for the welfare of the others and therefore, from the perspective of giving the marginalized and geopolitically challenged a place of their own under the sun excites me as a human being."


"I joined the IWB refugee project because Europe is currently facing a challenge and I would like to see a European Union that stands for solidarity and human rights in these times of crises."



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