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IWB for Refugees: Germany


Capital: Berlin
Location: Central Europe
Founder of the European Union
Currency: Euro
Population: 80,523,700
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:


IWB researchers

Hanna Lena Krüeger

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"I decided to be part of IWB and to get involved because I believe that this project is a way to help people in need. Furthermore, it allows us to paint a picture based on the facts and not on hearsay."

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"I joined this project because I am passionate about Human Rights and what the organization is doing in terms of fighting for a profoundly valid cause. Is anyone giving a patient hearing to the plight of those displaced and ravaged by civilian issues back at their home?
IWB gives a chance for those passionate about Human Rights to align their energies with those who are well-informed and concerned about others' welfare, working from a professional space of involvement in law and humanitarian efforts. So I consider it a privilege to be able to participate in a cause meant for the betterment of society.
Life's also about playing a hand for the welfare of the others and therefore, from the perspective of giving the marginalized and geopolitically challenged a place of their own under the sun excites me as a human being."


"I joined the IWB refugee project because Europe is currently facing a challenge and I would like to see a European Union that stands for solidarity and human rights in these times of crises."



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