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IWB for Refugees: Romania


Capital: Bucharest
Location: Eastern Europe
EU-member since 2007
Currency: RON (Leu)
Population: 20,057,500
Min. wage:
Poverty line:
Population under poverty line:


IWB researchers

Eduard Nicolae Popa

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"I joined IWB for refugees project because of its humanitarian objectives and because I would like to bring a contribution to the IWB projects which I consider to be of great importance. They identify the real problems society is facing."

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"Why I chose this project? In a few words, because any change affects us – whether we like it or not. Because I care, I want to learn more and because I can change perceptions, visions, thoughts."



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"I joined the refugee project because I think that I can help people in need of safety, and also to help people from host countries to be informed properly on the subject."

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